Cage Warriors

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My role:

VT Shooting Editor

The aims:

To provide the Cage Warriors Fighting Championship with 10 x 60 second VT’s per event, to be used in social media and in the live broadcast, broadcast on Channel 4, BT Sport, and ESPN.

How it came about:

I worked with the same producer on various other combat sports, shooting & editing promos for programmes broadcast on Eurosport and the Extreme Sports Channel.

My duties: 

  • Work with the Producer to plan the shooting schedule
  • Light & shoot interviews and BROLL of fighters ahead of their events, usually the day before in the hotel housing all the athletes
  • Edit around 10 x 60 seconds edits for social media and the live broadcast
  • Apply pre-made graphics to the edits and work with the remote animator
  • Correctly format and export the materials for output, and ensure audio is legalised using PPM’s
  • Review all materials with the Producer
  • Record all the required voice overs with commentators and package up as VT’s

Where it was used: 

  • 300 VT’s created over 30 events from 2013 to 2017
  • ESPN, UFC Fightpass, Channel 4 and BT Sport broadcast either the live show, or the pre-recorded live show
  • and the organisations social channels
  • International news outlets

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