Destination Titan


My role:

Shooting Producer

The aims:

A BBC4 one hour factual documentary celebrating a British science team’s contribution to the most distant landing spacecraft in human history

How it came about:

I worked with Producer Stephen Slater shooting motorsport promo’s in the South of France with Bruno Senna. Stephen’s passion was space documentary, so we decided to tell the story of John Zarnecki and the surface package team, who provided the landing instruments for the Huygens probe – which landed on Titan in 2005

My duties: 

  • To plan and shoot the documentary sequences alongside the Director/Producer Stephen Slater
  • Sequences were shot at Highgate cemetery and the Science Museum
  • Light subjects
  • Provide feedback and input into the edit and sequences within the documentary
  • Meet with Open University broadcast and BBC4 to discuss purchase to BBC4
  • Review all materials with the Producer/Director

Where it was used: 

  • Broadcast on BBC4 in 2011 to 500,000 viewers on it’s first TX, part of the channel’s commitment to celebrate the 50th year of Yuri Gagarin’s first space flight
  • Frequently repeated since premiere on BBC4
  • Broadcast in numerous territories worldwide across the BBC Network

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